Subproject 6



A services framework for using the social web as sensor web: identifying events in real time using spatial, temporal and semantic references


Scientific Coordinator: Professor Theodoridou Lila


Total subproject budget: 85,000.00 


Main Research Group Participants:

  1. D. Kotzinos Assistant Professor TEI of Serres
  2. M. E. Theodoridou Associate Professor TEI of Serres
  3. B. Christofodos Professor University of Crete
  4. C. Antoniou Professor University Huddersfield
  5. Nikolaos Spyratos Professor University Paris-Sud
  6. D. Plexousakis University of Crete

External Collaborators Group:

  1. C. Kariotes Assistans Professor
  2. P. Kazakis Technical Staff
  3. N. Petalidis Phd

Subproject Website: